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3 de octubre de 2019 – Jornada «EIT Food Fun&Fan»

Are you a wannabe entrepreneur, an established startup or a company from the agrifood sector? Do you want to remember the reasons that lead you to entrepreneurship? Are you eager to discover succesful cases and their secrets? Join and learn all the tips and tricks to become the best agrifood startup!

Bilbao will be home to EIT FAN and SeedBed from July-October. Therefore, this event aims at gathering relevant actors of the agrifood entrepreneur ecosystem behind a compelling agenda with rounch tables and startup activities. The main aims are enriching and stimulating the business creation activities in Spain, connecting local startups with international startups, investors and industry, and creating synergies that foster new ways of producing, distributing and consuming foods.



Alfons Cornella, Founder at Institute of Next 

Founder of Institute of Next, a space to help companies think about the future that comes and how it will affect them. Alfons is a consultant for large companies, and has directed more than 100 projects on culture creation and dynamization of innovation teams in all types of organizations.

Andrés Casal, Co-CEO at Wetaca  

Andrés Casal estudió ADE en ICADE y tras varias experiencias internacionales y trabajar en una pequeña empresa textil, se lanzó al mundo del emprendimiento siguiendo su gran pasión: la comida. Y hoy por hoy, en Wetaca, ¡cocinan más de 100.000 platos al mes!

Baiba Soika, Founder & CEO at Vegshelf  

With more than 6 years of experience in export management and product distribution working with SMEs from across Europe, today Baiba Soika is a founder & managing director of Vegshelf: a B2B marketplace to make plant-based food products accessible to end-consumers one transaction at a time.

Benoît Buntinx, EIT Food Director of Business Creation  

Benoît has over 20 years of international experience in creating, developing and financing high-tech start-ups. He works as a Director Business Creation for EIT Food, in charge of the strategy and the coordination of the entrepreneurs support programmes.

Tom Farrand, Founding Partner, Human Energy Co and Co-founder Swarm and Good for Nothing 

Tom works with pioneering leaders including entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to unlock the huge amount of untapped human potential that exists within and across their organisations. He specialises in helping groups collaborate and innovate together.

Erich Sieber, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Peakbridge Partners. 

Erich Sieber is an investor with experience in international management and business development. He is the co-founder at Peak Bridge Partners, where he manages strategic Venture Funds for global AgrifoodTech.

Joseph Gridley, RIS Business Development Manager at EIT Food 

Joseph has dedicated his working life to designing, developing and delivering projects that make a difference in the lives of others. With a background in education and youth work, Joseph has now shifted his focus towards how we can transform our food system.

Oriol Reull, Country Manager at Too Good To Go  

Oriol Reull is an entrepreneur passionated about applying technology to social aims. He is fully dedicated to fighting one of the biggest sustainability issues of the global agenda: “how are we going to feed a growing population in 2050?”

Sara Gonçalves, COO & Co-founder Trigger.Systems  

Founder of Trigger.Systems, Sara is implementing automation systems to improve farming operations, to gain efficiency and reduce resources waste. Sara is one of the nominated for the 2019 EIT Awards for Woman category.

Día: 3 de octubre de 2019

Lugar: Bilbao, España

Horario: 11:00h – 18:30h

Programa: Si quiere más información, acceda a través del siguiente link