Food for Life Spain

15 de octubre de 2020 – EIT Food | FUN&FAN

Are you a wannabe entrepreneur, an established startup or a company from the agrifood sector? Do you want to remember the reasons that lead you to entrepreneurship? Are you eager to discover succesful cases and their secrets? Join and learn all the tips and tricks to become the best agrifood startup!

Therefore, this event aims at gathering relevant actors of the agrifood entrepreneur ecosystem behind a compelling agenda with rounch tables and startup activities. The main aims are enriching and stimulating the business creation activities in Spain, connecting local startups with international startups, investors and industry, and creating synergies that foster new ways of producing, distributing and consuming foods.


08.45 · 09.00 Warming up Coffee

09.00 – 09.10 Welcome & Opening presentation

What changes can entrepreneurs now bring to the agrifood sector?

09.10 · 09.40 Discover | Changing the nature of the food system after COVID-19

[Q&A Mentimenter]

  • USA vision: Einav Gefen Corporate Executive Chef at Unilever Food Solutions, North America
  • European vision: Paola Giavedoni EIT Food Director of Innovation


09.40 · 10.15 Interactive session

Round Table I Startup’s Anatomy Has COVID-19 forwarded momentum for entrepreneurship?

[Interactive Q&A]

  • Joseph Gridley EIT Food Business Creation Manager
  • Garbiñe Henry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Director at University of Deusto
  • Ananya Manna Agri-food Investments | CFA
  • Juan Manuel Revuelta General Director at Finnova
  • Oscar Longares Business Development at Feltwood


10.15 · 10.45 Context | Breaking Funds

Joseph Gridley EIT Food Business Creation Manager

10.45 · 11.00 Break

11.00 · 11.45 #diamundialmujerrural

Round Table | Womensworld | Empowering Women in Agrifood

  • Lara Rodríguez EIT Food Project Manager
  • Isabel Iturbe Vice-president at AED and President at Bilbao Basket
  • Iratxe Perales Sonicat Systems Cofounder & CEO
  • Anais Iglesias Head of Entrepreneurship and Lecturer at Basque Culinary Center
  • Carolina Najar BAIBA The Kitchen

11.45 · 12.00 Break

12.00 · 12.30 Motivational Speech

The Big Bang “Novameat” What will we eat in 50 years from now?

  • Giuseppe Scionti CEO & Founder at NOVAMEAT


12.00 · 13.00 Game of Shows

Startup Showcasing Game

  • Algdeha: Produces algae as a substitute to fish feed currently used to feed livestock, poultry and fish farming sectors.
  • Bio2Coat: Edible coating used on fresh food products to preserve and extend shelf life.
  • Biotip: Developed a freshness sticker can be put on fresh products to detect realtime expiry date.
  • Free Waste: Developed a food waste processor that turns organic waste into compost, that is easy to apply and high in nutrients
  • Plant on Demand: Digital platform to facilitate sale and purchasing of food product from small and medium sized farmers.
  • ReGenius Loci: Developed a device that can identify the levels of nickel in food products.
  • SoundSafe: Developed a technology to reduce waste and extend the shelf life of fresh products.
  • Danone Volvicist: Developed a refillable bottle and companion app to reduce single use plastic bottles and encourage good drinking water habits.
  • Danone Planetary Beverage: Upcycling milk residue called whey. The whey is used as a new beverage and is high in nutrients.
  • AgroPestAlert: Developed real time monitoring of pests and environmental variables to prevent the outbreak of plagues that are a major contributor to the spoilage of crops.
  • Alacarte Ventures: Developed the first machine that reduces the quantity of alcohol and the calorific value of wine and spirits.
  • Crover: Developed a small robotic device that can “swim” through bulk solids like cereals and grains, constantly monitoring their condition while they are in storage.
  • FooD’Nassay: Developed an innovative way to detect foodborne pathogens. Traditional methods usually take a week but with their device they can do it in less than one working day turning a several billion euros bottleneck into value.
  • Nanomik Biotechnology: Developed and produced micro-encapsulated, plant-based biopesticides that work as fungicides for the agricultural and food supply chain industries.
  • Odd.Bot: Developed a smart and sustainable solution to weeding with the Weed Whacker – a robot that provides higher yield and less manual labour, alongside a reduction or total elimination of herbicides.
  • Open Grow: GroLab™ allows you to automate all the aspects of agricultural produce. Its modular architecture makes it possible to adapt to any environment regardless of its size, type, growing medium or growing system.
  • Serket: They have developed an advanced technology for monitoring pig farms, a technology that is transformational for animals, farmers and the production of meat.
  • Tsenso: B2B cloud solution that evaluates the real-time freshness of food – called the “Fresh Index – throughout the journey of products from farm to plate.


13.00 Closure & Wrap-up

Begoña Pérez Villarreal

EIT Food South Director